My Love and passion for Eyelash Extensions and the Beauty Industry took me all over the planet. I feel absolutely blessed to be able to do what I Love and share my knowledge by teaching World Wide, and to meet amazing people.




Lets rewind a little bit. This all happened because of my intense obsession for perfection.

Whatever I touched, whatever field I worked in, I was always obsessed to reach the ultimate perfection in that field, and to offer the absolute best service to my clients.


I fell in Love with Eyelash Extensions 35 years ago, when I had my first set of Lashes, I was automatically hooked!

Never planned to make a career out of it, but soon enough because of my clients referral, and the fact that I was the only one doing Volume, I soon became the best known Lash Salon in Montreal. Started giving trainings in Montreal, then Worldwide, started  an Online store shipping Internationally Lash, Microblading and beauty products. Soon after, because of my clients demand, I expended to offering top quality trainings in all spheres of beauty, recruiting the top trainers in their own field, that is how World Beauty University was born, now offering trainings World Wide .

Then organized World Beauty University Lash and Brow Championship, the biggest Lash and Brow contest.




So just if I wasn’t busy enough, on one of my many vacations to South Florida, I decided that Florida beauties deserved beautiful Lashes as well, as I noticed that only an estimate of 1%, and I’m being generous, had Eyelash Extensions. So right then and there, I opened a Studio. My friends keep telling me I should give conferences on « how to open a business in 5 days ».


My plan, well not really a plan as I do things as they pop up in my brain, was to hire staff train them with my Advance Volume Techniques, and show up once an a while to check on things, go to the beach, lie by the pool sipping on a cocktail, shop, and wine and dine.

Well what happened is that clients would always ask for me to Lash them personally. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely Love lashing, an am flattered, I believe I am one of the few with World Wide compagnies to still do clients.

Absolutely Love the look on their faces when they look at themselves in the mirror.

And without even advertising, I had big demand for trainings. So I started flying from Montreal to Florida once a month for the few first month, then ever 3 weeks, then every 2 weeks, and now every 10 days. Thats how I started commuting for the Love of Lashes, and my plan to lie by the pool fell appart.


What is commuting , commuting is periodically recurring travel between 2 places for work, repeated traveling between locations.

Always on planes, and living out of my suitcases, luckily Montreal to Florida is only 3 hours flight, so I use my time waiting for the flight and during flight to write articles, upgrade training manuals, and studying a fourth language.

I am now Elite client with the Air Lines, between my Florida commuting and my other travels to give trainings and conferences every where, so they take good care of me .


The look on the customs agents  face when they ask me after looking at all the stamps and visas attached to my PassPort:

« What kind of busyness makes you travel like this ?»

And me to respond:

« Lashes »

Is absolutely priceless!


I first stayed at my best friends house, who happens to be my manager at first, but when I opened my Palm Beach Location, with is 45 minutes from her house, I decided to get a Hotel, that is how I discovered and fell in Love with this fabulous hotel and its out of this world service, The Colony Hotel, that I now call home. 

Only steps away from my Worth Avenue Store, actually between my store and the beach, with the most beautiful decor, stunning pool, surrounded by the best landscaping, among them different variety of Palm Trees, bougainvillea, and all sorts of beautiful plants and flowers. 

My home away from home .

I believe that you should treat yourself, I work about 20 hours a day, i deserve it.

I always said, throughout my hole life, and my friend will attest to that,

« Life is to short to stay in  a bad hotel ! « .


I am often tired, stressed and neurotic, but I absolutely Love my life and all the great things the Lash and beauty industry brought my way.

To the beginners, you do need to put tones of hours of work, nothing comes easy.

But that shows you where passion, and being addicted to perfection can lead you.

I now have amazing celebrity clients in South Florida who are addicted to my Star Volume Style, wich is quite different then anything else. The y also Love our Ultra Soft Volume Lashes and our No1 Adhesive that offers them great retention.


Follow your path, do not let anyone slow you down, be creative, stay among positive and secure people, that will encourage you to go after your dreams, or to listen to that idea that popped up in your brain.


If you ever need a pep talk let me know, would be my pleasure to help, don’t be afraid to reach out. I believe the Lash community should help each other.











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